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From 1982-1984,Winnie Teschmacher studied at Academy of Fine Arts in Rotterdam, Sculpture. In 1983, she owned a glass studio in The Hague. From 1989-1993, she was a Freelance designer Unica, Royal Leerdam glassworks. From 1989-present, she is working for glass artists in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 199, she had a scholarship to the Pilchuck Glass School in Seattle, Washington.

Selected Commissions

Nationale Nederlanden, Zwolsche Algemeene, OCE, NIBC Bank, Sijthoff Pers, BAM, Volker Stevin KWS, Roto Smeets, Credit Suisse, First Boston Bank, Aedes, UBS, Robeco Groep, SCA, AKZO Nobel, Goldman Sachs, Port of Rotterdam, Nolet Distillery and several city councils and organisations

Selected Collections

Museum Boymans van Beuningen, Rotterdam

Museum van der Togt, Amstelveen, NL

Nationaal Glasmuseum, Leerdam, NL

Musée du Verre, Sars Poterie, France

Ernsting Stiftung Alter Hof Herding, Germany

Organisations and private collections like Rabobank, AKZO Nobel, NIBC Bank, ABN/Amrobank, DSM art collection, Nolet Distillery


Selected Exhibitions

Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam, NL

National Glasmuseum, Leerdam, NL

Museum van der Togt, Amstelveen, NL

Musée du Verre, Sars Poterie, France

Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem, NL (group)

Galerie Rob van den Doel, The Hague, NL

Galerie Etienne & van den Doel, Oisterwijk, NL

Galerie Gooijer Fine Art, Doesburg, NL

Galerie Klute, Wenen, A (group)

Galerie Borgward, Bremen, D (group)

Gorcums museum, Gorcum, NL (group)

Singer Museum, Laren, NL

Kunstrai, Amsterdam, NL

Holland Art Fair, Den Haag, NL

PAN Amsterdam, Amsterdam

Art Rotterdam, Rotterdam, NL

Galerie Luca, Zalbommel, NL

Glasmuseum Alter Hof Herding, Coesfeld, DE

De Ketelfactory, Schiedam, NL

De Noletloodsen, Schiedam

Education and activities:

1980 Started working with glass, self-taught

1982-1984 Academy of Fine Arts in Rotterdam, Sculpture Department     

1984-1985 Free Academy in The Hague, Sculpture Department

1983 Started own glass studio in The Hague

1989-1993 Freelance designer one-off pieces, Royal Crystal Leerdam

1984 Honourable Mention Haagse Salon

1989-1993 Freelance designer one-off pieces, glassfactory Royal Leerdam

1990 Scholarship Pilchuck Glass School, Seattle U.S.A.

1992 Bernardine de Neeve Prijs: Price for young Talent in Glass

1994 Participant international Symposium Optical Glass in Bratislava, Slowakia

1994 Designed and produced a collection of Design glass for Alterego, Holland

1994-1999 Freelance designer functional glass for various factories

1995-1999 Co-organisation sculpture garden ‘The Garden of Delight’, Vlaardingen

1996 Participant international Symposium Glass, Slowakia & Glassart and Technology, France

1997 Exhibition Singer Museum, Laren

1999 Installation ‘Transparent Body’ , Amsterdam

1999 Culture award by the city of Vlaardingen for ‘The Garden of Delight’

2000 Installation “The Beginning is the Present” with photography

2004 ‘The Heart of the Matter’, exhibition and DVD

2007 Start of the collection ‘Spaces of Silence’

2006 Development Art-initiative of Nolet BV: De Ketelfactory at Schiedam

2007- this day Director at De Ketelfactory

2011 Waterweg Culture award for De Ketelfactory

2013 Participant Art & Science Workshop at the Watermill centre, U.S.A.

2014 Orientationtrip Korea and Japan with the Mondrian Fund

2015 - 2016 organsiation “snapshot of a larger order’at De Noletloodsen, Schieda