Glass is a medium that keeps me in the moment. Striving to bring a painterly quality to this dynamic medium, I layer color to add depth to the sculpture being made. The textures and patterns have the fluidity and gesture of brushwork and enrich the strong, solid, three-dimensional form.

Rendering these creatures in states of grace, repose, or movement, I hope to capture their inherent nature. My background as a painter and an understanding of anatomy form the basis from which I depart towards more impressionistic or contemplative expressions and vignettes. In this pursuit, inspiration comes from a wide variety of cultures, time periods, and artistic mediums. From the long and storied history of the horse and all it has signified throughout the ages, to medieval tapestries depicting the mysteries of the unicorn, to the miniature sculptural tradition of Japanese netsuke, I am continually finding new sources of subject matter that fuels my work.

There are many aspects I hope to convey regarding the place that these different species have occupied over time: as utilitarian beings; associated with magic, legend, divinity, mythology; and as symbols or icons of eras and cultures around the world. It is important that my work reflects not just my own insights or experiences, but that it can also inspire an emotional connection for the viewer.

 Born: Manitoba, Canada

1988 Fine Arts Degree, Major in Painting &Intaglio
Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design Vancouver, BC

1997-2004 Glass Sculpting Assistant William Morris Inc.
2001-2002 Winter Resident Artist Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood WA


Alan Ginsberg

Dale Chihuly – Seattle, WA

Michael Dickinson – Ontario, Canada

Moss Adams, Bellingham, WA

Museum of Glass - Tacoma, WA

Museum of Northwest Art - La Conner, WA

Riverside Health Club – Burlington, WA

Sara Morgan – Kinder Morgan, Inc. – Houston, Texas

Sir Elton John

Toyama City Institute of Glass Arts

Permanent Collection, Toyama, Japan


2012  Davide Salvadore Studio, Guest Artist, Murano, Italy

2011  Cressman Center, Guest Artist, University of Louisville, KY

2011  Museum of Glass, Visiting Artist, Tacoma, WA

2010  Glass Art Society, Guest Artist, Louisville, KY

2010 Hot Glass Sculpture Demonstration - Glass Arts Society –Louisville, KY
2009 Residency - Museum of Glass Tacoma, WA
2007 Guest Artist - Toyama City Institute of Glass - Toyama, Japan
2006 Guest Artist - International Festival of Glass - Stourbridge, England
2004 Guest Artist - Museum of Glass Tacoma, WA
2003 Tiffany Foundation Nomination - Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation

2001-03 Saxe Award Nomination - Pilchuck Glass School
1996 Scholarship - Pilchuck Glass School/BCGAA

1994 Scholarship - Pilchuck Glass School
1982 Provincial Arts Scholarship - Government of British Columbia


"Primal Inspirations" Muskegon Museum of Art
"Modern Menagerie" Solo Show, Museum of Northwest Art - La Conner, WA
  Mansfield Art Center -Mansfield, OH
“Looking North from Pilchuck” - History of the World Gallery, Camano Isl. WA
“Pilchuck Glass Artists” - History of the World Gallery, Camano Isl. WA


2004       Artist in Residence, Museum of Glass, Tacoma, WA

2003       Tiffany Foundation Nominee, Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation, NY

2001-03  Saxe Award Nomination, Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood, WA

1996        Scholarship, Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood, WA, BC GAA

1994        Scholarship, Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood, WA

1991        Canada Council Grant for Creative Production of Collaborative Film

1982        Provincial Arts Scholarship, Government of British Columbia, Canada


2012       Blown Glass Sculpture, Pilchuck Glass School, WA

2011       Sculpturama, Pittsburgh Center for Glass, PA

2009       Blown Glass Sculpture, Pilchuck Glass School, WA

2007       Blown Glass Sculpture, TIGA, Toyama, Japan

2006       Blown Glass Sculpture, International Festival of Glass, Stourbridge, England

               Surface + Sculpture, Pittsburgh Center for Glass, Pittsburgh, PA

2004-05  Pratt Fine Arts Center, Blown Glass Sculpture, Seattle, WA

2003       Teaching Assistant to William Morris, Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood, WA

2000       Teaching Assistant Hot Glass Sculpture, Nuutajaani, Finland