Rik Allen in the studio.  photo: M. Stubblefield

Rik Allen in the studio. photo: M. Stubblefield

My work is as much about outer space as inner space. At first glance, the work may seem to be all about the exploration of the cosmos, but a closer look reveals more humble elements that speak of memory and transparency, revealing inner and outward perspectives.  By incorporating elements that appear worn and experienced, as well as vestiges of an earlier era, I hope to give the work a sense of experimentation, invention, and exploration.  My intent is to open up the imaginations of viewers whose own narratives shift as their minds move from exterior perspective of these vessels to inner possibilities.


1991 BA, Anthropology Franklin Pierce College, NH

Betsy and Richard Ehrenberg, Santa Fe, NM

Blue Origin Aerospace, Kent, WA

Boeing World Headquarters, Chicago, IL

Elon Musk, Los Angeles, CA

Eugene Roddenberry, Los Angeles, CA

Flying Heritage Collection, Everett, WA

Jeff Bezos Collection, Seattle, WA

Montgomery Museum of Fine Art, Montgomery, AL

Museum of Glass, Tacoma, WA

Paul Allen Family Foundation Collection, Seattle, WA

Spark Museum of Electrical Invention, Bellingham, WA

Toyama Institute of Glass, Toyama, Japan



Seeker Museum of Northwest Art, La Conner, WA

Yesterday’s Tomorrow, Museum of Northwest Art LaConner WA

Fertile Ground, Museum of Glass, Tacoma, WA

Pratt Fine Arts Center, Seattle, WA

Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, Houston, TX


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2013 Presenter, Demonstrator: Glass Boston- Boston, MA

2012 Designer, Venetian Collaboration Project, Davide Salvadore and Shelley Muzylowski Allen Venice,
2009 Board Member : Glass Art Society
2008 May/August Assistant Artistic Program Director Pilchuck Glass School
2007 Scholarship Juror, Glass Art Society
1995 to 2007 Engraving & Cold work William Morris, Sculptor
1994 Teaching Assistant Pilchuck Glass School
1995 to 2002 Studio & Cold Shop Coordinator Pilchuck Glass School
1993 to 1994 Studio Assistant James Watkins Glass Studio
1992 to 1994 Studio Assistant Michael Schiener Sculpture Studio
1991 to 1994 Studio Assistant Jonathon Bonner Sculpture Studio
1991 to 1992 Studio Assistant Daniel Clayman, Glass
1991 Studio apprentice, Ceramics Lee Segal