Raven Skyriver 2018.jpg

“My work is almost exclusively derived from the marine ecosystem. I attempt to place the creatures back in their environment by capturing the fluid nature of molten glass and transferring it into the perceived weightlessness of a swimming creature. I always strive to imbue the work with a hint of life.”

 Raven Skyriver started blowing glass in high school at the age of 16. Raven’s mentor Lark Dalton taught him how to build glass blowing equipment, and trained him in the venetian technique, enabling Raven to set up his own small shop to work in. Soon thereafter, Raven joined the William Morris team, by Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen’s request in 2003. He worked assisting on the team until Bill’s early retirement, in 2007 and continued assisting Karen through 2010 at the Pilchuck glass school in the off season.

Raven lives on Lopez Island with Kelly O’Dell and their son, Wren, where they have their own hotshop.  Raven’s focus in sculpture, and his depiction of marine life, is inspired by his island upbringing, and informed by the creatures that inhabit this fragile ecosystem.

Personal History

1982 Born on Lopez Island, Washington

1999 Apprentice to Lark Dalton, Olive Glass, Lopez, WA

 2001 Graduated High School, built glass studio at home, began assisting Karen Willenbrink- Johnsen  at Pilchuck, Stanwood, WA    

 2003 Joined the William Morris Team at Pilchuck Glass School Studio, Stanwood, WA

 2008 Traveled to Brazil to translate for and assist Lino Tagliapietra’s team at The Glass Factory, Ca’doro

 2012 Awarded, People’s choice and Artist’s choice awards at Museum of Glass Tacoma auction

 2013 Invited to show at Ebeltoft Glass museum for “Oceans” exhibition


Selected Exhibitions

2013 Oceans exhibition, Ebeltoft Museum of Glass, Ebeltoft Denmark                                   

2010 Pilchuck glass school live auction, Westin Hotel Seattle WA

2007 Young Glass 2007, Ebeltoft Museum, Denmark

         Pilchuck Group Exhibition Pilchuck Glass School Gallery,

         Stanwood, WA Port Townsend, Northwinds Arts Alliance, WA,               

 2006 Live Auction Pilchuck Glass School Auction, Westin Hotel, Seattle, WA

          Honey I Shrunk the Art, History of the World Gallery, Camano Is, WA

2004 - 2006 Pilchuck Staff Show, History of the World Gallery, Camano Island, WA

          Bay Area Glass Institute Auction, San Jose, CA

2005  Pilchuck Glass School Auction, Seattle, WA