Peter Bremers at Schantz Galleries.    Lisa Vollmer photo

Peter Bremers at Schantz Galleries. Lisa Vollmer photo

Peter Bremers was born in 1957 in Einighausen, Netherlands. He attended the University of Fine Arts (Sculpture Department) in Maastrich, Netherlands. His introduction to glass came by accident after he was well-established as a light-sculptor, when he wandered into a glassblowing workshop and was enthralled by the molten, luminous material. He then studied glass at the Jan van Eyck Akademi, Post Academic Institute for Art & Design, also in Maastricht. He attended workshops at The Oude Horn in Leerdam and became an assistant to Bernard Hessen In 1989, he participated in a workshop with Lino Tagliapietra, in which Lino executed two of Peter’s designs that were subsequently purchased by the Municipal Museum of The City of The Hague. That same year, he went to work with Neil Wilkin in England, where he produced objects using the graal technique.

An inspirational voyage to Antarctica in 2001 was pivotal in carving a new creative path for Bremers. For an artist for whom light and form have always been paramount, the synthesis of ice, sky, and sea was electric. Attempts to conjure the essence of the icebergs in blown glass fell short, compelling Bremers to approach the medium in a new way. He called upon his training as a sculptor by carving the model from blocks of hard industrial foam. When the molds are ready they are carefully filled with colored glass. After the process of kiln -baking and slowly cooling the glass, the forms are unearthed from their protective cocoon, ground and polished to perfection; flawless abstractions of both a landscape and a state of mind are born. 

The impact of Bremers’ polar excursions on both his spirit and his art is seen in subsequent series of work, such as those inspired by his frequent travels to Sedona and the American West. Through this heightened relationship with Earth’s most majestic and precarious spaces, Bremers has gained and instills an elevated sense of responsibility for its preservation.

Bremers has taught and exhibited around the world, from the Europe to Australia, Africa, China, and North American. His art is included in numerous collections including: the National Glass Museum (Leerdam, Netherlands); the Dutch Ministry of Justice (London, England); the Kunstgewerbe Museum (Berlin, Germany); the Palm Springs Art Museum (CA); and the National Liberty Museum (Philadelphia, PA). He has had solo and group exhibitions in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, the United States, Australia, Israel, Italy, Canada, Dubai, the Czech Republic, China, and Taiwan. Among other public commissions, he has done installations on the Queen Mary II and at the “Murano” Glass Hotel in Tacoma, WA.