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Jason Christian is a glass artist living in the Seattle area. He was born in 1976 to a metal fabricator and a cardiac nurse. He became involved in glass art at the age of 21- starting as a factory charger, slowly developing his glass knowledge through experience. He has worked with a variety of well-known artists in the Seattle community, including Martin Blank, Preston Singletary, James Mongraine, and Nancy Callan. For almost a decade he has been an integral member of Dale Chihuly's boathouse team, collaborating and working with international artists, including Pino Singnoretti. His individual work explores the art of reticello, classical Venetian techniques, and modern simplicity. As of recent, he has been developing art inspired by the works of Faberge- combining the delicate complexity of reticello with the intricate detailing Faberge's eggs are known for.

Christian views this series as a tribute to the masters of reticello who came before him. Through interpretations of ancient Venetian glassblowing techniques, mid-century Venini designs, and contemporary color palettes, he creates a juxtaposition of old meets new. His detailed filagree patterns acknowledge the artistry of Burano lace, which dates back to 1528. The egg form is a direct reference to jeweled 18th century Fabergé imperial coronation eggs. In all of his new works, Christian demonstrates his masterful understanding of scale, form, symmetry, and pattern.