Hiroshi Yamano’s glass vessels are gorgeously painted with peaceful scenes of nature—unfurling blossoms, delicate birds, and striated skies. There is a sense of hushed movement, as the artist visually captures the poetry of flora and fauna and lures the viewer into an easy communion with nature. Collaboration Vessel #1 has both painted and blown-glass fish, a motif the artist uses often as an alter ego to express his own experience of traversing the oceans between east and west, both figuratively and literally throughout his career.

"As I grow older, I find myself wanting to spend more time in nature for the peace of mind that it brings to me. I value the simplicity and quiet that I encounter there, surrounded by the beauty of the Japanese landscape. My art is a reflection of that beauty; nature is the source of my creativity. In my work I want to interpret the feelings and sensations of having a close connection to nature, and through it share the beauty of the changing seasons in Japan with the viewer."