Jon Kuhn originally studied ceramic art and received his MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University before becoming one of the world’s leading cold glass artists.  Today, his architectural glass sculptures are renowned among connoisseurs and collectors alike for their intricacy and intense beauty.

For Kuhn, the refracted light radiating from within his work and refracting against external surfaces represents a spiritual force.  He has said that his “philosophical expression in glass has always been a reflection of my interest in eastern mysticism. Recently it has come to focus on the inspiration from several personal meditative experiences. For specific subject matter, I make reference to my interests in architecture, music, mathematics, and textiles, as well as the formal considerations of structure and color. The pieces, in a sense, become architectural models for an inner world, possibly a better world.”

Jon Kuhn’s glass sculptures are featured in over forty public collections including: the White House Collection and Smithsonian Institution (Washington, DC); the Metropolitan Museum of Art (NY); and the Vatican Museums.  He lives in Winston-Salem, NC.